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caseable specializes in the production and personalization of handmade protective accessories for electronic devices. Already tapping into the telesales space, caseable formed partnerships with HSN and QVC as a primary purchase incentive for promotional sales. Bunava were approached to help to accelerate caseable’s growth in telesales globally.

Our Challenge

  • Continuously engage with broadcast partners from various regions to secure new airing opportunities for caseable

  • Effectively align new products developed by caseable with new voucher bundles

  • Provide full transparency to caseable at every stage of a deal, including airings selected for bundling, partners included in the bundle, and how caseable will be marketed on the vouchers and during the on-air TV promotion

  • Provide a cost-effective solution that sustainably delivers new customers in both the short and long term

Our Solution


Providing access to clients in markets which could develop a new target customer segment for caseable

Secure new retail and bundle opportunities on caseable’s behalf whilst liaising and facilitating the onboarding process for every new deal


Offering flexibility in delivering clear messages of caseable’s values in all written and spoken content relating to voucher marketing and TV airings


Accelerate caseable’s involvement in voucher bundling by increasing target markets and products they are bundled with

Working closely with partners and manufacturers to expand caseable’s product portfolio

Initiate a partnership between caseable and Bunava with an agreement of no upfront costs, built upon mutual success for new customers that are delivered by Bunava


Offer a sustainable solution that delivers new customers to caseable in both the short and long-term

 Clear transparency for all airings which caseable are included in and which partners are bundled alongside

Build an effective customer journey from the TV broadcast to applying the voucher which could encourage the purchase of additional and future orders through

“Voucher bundling has allowed us to find a solution to our various growth challenges. A meticulous approach has created a strong platform that enabled us to meet both short-term goals for maximizing voucher sales and developing our long-term sales strategy for the company as a whole.”  

Director of Marketing at caseable

Airings: 45 

Products Bundled: 25

Regions: 8

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