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High Value

Minimal Costs

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Our Solution

Access Our Voucher Bundling Expertise

Increase the value of any strike price promotion without holding extra inventory.

Offer apps and services which fit all products and promotion volumes.

Gain access to a variety of categories that fit to all products and customers want.

Grow Your Sales

Each bundle is tailored to fit all budgets with the addition of a return policy guarantee.

Offering extra value through voucher bundling is the most cost-effective method of attracting a global audience.

Bunava has the ability to react quickly to all sales opportunities you have.

Convert More Customers

Offer apps and services which meet the interests of your target group.

 Dedicated landing pages with detailed redemption instructions to maximize the number of customers that access the offerings.

Constantly improving customer journey which is optimized following the collection of customer data.

How It Works

Individual Voucher Bundle

  • Compiling individual voucher bundles

  • Our in-house design team create all the voucher designs

  • Handle the printing process

Delivery and customer support

  • Ensuring the safe delivery of physical vouchers to your warehouse.

  • Building landing pages which include customer support guides and FAQ & integrated data collection.

Redemption instructions and testing process

  • Bunava supplies detailed step-by-step guides for the redemption process for customers.

  • An ongoing testing process for all the apps and services which we bundle in order to guarantee the successful execution of every deal.

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