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How do I access the bundle

redemption page?


Look on the backside of your physical voucher and follow the activation instructions of step 1. Please ensure that the address (URL) you enter is exactly as it is displayed on the voucher, otherwise, you will not be able to access the redemption page.

There is an error message when I try to search for the redemption page.


An error may appear if you do not enter the correct URL from the physical voucher in the address search bar at the very top of the page. Do not enter the address in the search bar. 

Do I need to access the bundle redemption page through my new device?


Preferably, please use the inbuilt web browser on your new device to access the bundle redemption page. Otherwise, you can access the page from a different device using the same URL link.

Can I access the redemption page through the general Bunava website?


No, you must access the dedicated redemption page through the URL provided on your physical voucher.


How do I cancel my subscription to the app/service in my bundle?

Visit the account section on the app/service which you wish to cancel and select unsubscribe. If you did not require payment details when applying your coupon code then you will be automatically unsubscribed. 

Why is my coupon code

not working?


Ensure that you have entered the correct code into the redemption field. The code is ONLY letters so do not enter any numbers or special characters. The code can only be redeemed once, so you must register the account you wish to use the offer with. Please note, you must enter a separate code for each offer in the bundle.

Where can I ask a question about my new device?


For any questions relating to your new device please directly contact the manufacturer and check out their FAQ and support page.

Where can I ask a question about the apps & services in my bundle? 


For any questions relating to the apps & services included in the bundle, please directly contact the provider. You can check out their FAQ or visiting their support page by selecting "Need support?" on the bundle redemption page. 

Do all apps & services in my offer run on my new device?


Most apps & services will run on your new device. Some may not be compatible and are available on alternative devices. Please check our partner's webpage to view a full list of compatible devices. Please note, some apps & services can only be accessed through the inbuilt web browser on your new device.

How can my business partner with Bunava?


You can learn more about our approach and sending us further information about how we can partner together below:

Our Approach

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